Monday, March 7, 2011

Just another manic Monday

Whew! It has been a busy few days. For all the running around, and traveling we did, Avery handled it like a seasoned vet.

Thursday night we went over to Tony's parents to finish our taxes, and Avery and Amigo had a wonderful time. Grandpa Bower couldn't wait to get his hands on Avery. She likes to spit up on his shoulder every time she sees him.

Saturday after I got off work, Avery and I headed to Minnesota to see my parents. Unfortunately, Tony couldn't make it since he had to work. It had been a month since we had seen my mom and 6 weeks since we had seen my dad. My brothers were both going to be around too, so that would be nice to have most of us together.  There is not a week that goes by that I don't wish we lived closer to my family. 3 hours is not so bad, and we make every effort to see each other often. Now that Avery is here, it really matters to me. I want her to be close to her family on both sides, and be able to play with her cousins.

They love her!
We spent Saturday evening hanging out at my brother Ryan's house. Mike and Livia came over from Mankato, and my aunt Carol, cousin Sami, aunt Patty, uncle Dan, and cousin Hanna were all over as well. It was a full household, but it always is when Avery comes to town! Everyone just loves her. Jade and Lexi were really interested in wanting to touch her, and hold her.

Cousin Lexi holding Avery.

Avery, Gramma, and cousin Jade.

All the Laue cousins!
On Sunday it was my Grandpa Olbrich's birthday party (he is 78 today, Happy Birthday!) so we went over to my aunt Sue Sue's (Allison) to have some Sunday lunch and celebrate. Avery and Reeve were able to play a little (Reeve is my cousin AJ's little guy).

Reeve and Avery playing

Bubba holding his newest cousin

"auntie" AJ with Avery

We also got a great generational picture of my maternal grandparents, John and Celia Olbrich, with my mom and Avery and me. With Allison, AJ, and Reeve.

For all the traveling that she did, and the odd sleeping schedule, you would have thought that she would have been up all night. Nope. Slept totally normal both Saturday and Sunday night. Basically through the night. Tony is under the impression that our next child will be a pistol, but if he or she is anything remotely close to this

we will be ok. After such a busy weekend, and running between the in-laws house, work, my brothers house, my mom and dad's house, and aunt's house, I would not have blamed Avery at all for being fussy, but she was so happy. We finally got home around 6:45 on Sunday night. Tony quickly bypassed me to grab Avery from the car (missed you too honey!) He missed his little girl. So much so that this is what I saw when I got in the house and settled:

notice the bumbo chair among the work?

He had placed Avery's doll in her bumbo chair. I just thought it was cute. I guess it was a nice little reminder while he was busy working all weekend.

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  1. That's hilarious with the doll and bumbo chair. Reminds me of when I go without seeing Livia. It's like you're used to doing 5 things at once and when the kid is gone you don't really know what to do with all the spare time. I've often found myself walking circles around the house accomplishing nothing.