Monday, March 14, 2011

Parties and Playtime

Avery went to her first baby shower this past weekend. Tony's cousin Amy is having a baby boy in about a month, and we had her Baby Shower on Saturday afternoon. Avery was just taking it all in and was quietly watching Amy open her gifts.

(Oh, that's a good one. I play with mine all the time!)

Her Aunts and Grandma were very excited to see her, and I barely had contact with my daughter the whole time! As is true when you have a baby, the family runs past you to grab the baby. She had no shortage of attention.
with Aunt Michelle, and Grandma Bower looking on.

with Aunt Lori!
We got there about halfway through the shower, since I had to work. We missed the shower games (darn it! I am usually decent at those), but got there just in time to see all the cute baby goodies that Amy and baby got. The hostesses got pictures of Amy with the gift and gift-giver, which I had not seen before, but thought was a great idea. I would love that to use for scrap booking (not that I actually do that) and to make the thank you notes easier!

Avery with Grandma, Amy, Aunt Michelle, and Aunt Jeanie.
 I didn't have anyone take a picture with me and Amy, but one was taken. Anna, Amy's little sister, got a great picture of Avery that I will have to see if they can email me. (although, I admit, it is hard NOT to get a cute picture of Avery!)
 I am not quite sure what Tony and I did to deserve such a great baby, but we are so thankful. She has a bit of a cold, with a sad sounding little cough and runny nose, but you would never know it by her attitude. She is still all smiles.

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