Thursday, March 24, 2011

Rice Rice Baby

Avery trying to escape her bumbo. See the Rice Cereal?
At her doctor's appt. on Monday, our pediatrician suggested that we start adding rice cereal to Avery's diet. We were not sure what method she would take to best, spoon fed, or in her bottle. We decided to try it with the spoon first, and then if that was a fail, then we would go ahead with the bottle.
Not impressed. It was kind of funny to watch her with the rice. She was unsure what to do, I mean she had only been breast fed or bottle fed all of her 4 months of life. A lot dribbled out of her mouth. A lot.

After trying with about half of the rice/formula mix, we decided to go ahead and finish it in her bottle. She was all about that.
We might try to the spoon again next week. We thought it best to keep introducing it in small doses until she was ready to eat from the spoon.
Word to your mother.

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