Monday, March 28, 2011

Road Trip

Saturday afternoon, Tony, Avery and I headed north to see my family. I was missing my momma, and I know that she was REALLY missing Avery.

Mom and her littlest Grandbaby
We arrived Saturday night around 8:30 and into the chaos that is the Laue house when all of the kids and grandbabies are in attendance.

Jade and Lexi love their Uncle Tony. Jade calls him "My Tony"

Avery loves her Grandma.

Avery is starting to get more and more hair. There is a curl on the back top of her head that has been standing straight up. It is the cutest little thing, and as you can see below, stands straight up and curls back.

We had a great time for such a short visit. We got to see my Grandma Melba, and Aunts Patty and Pam for a short time on Sunday too. They hadn't seen Avery since Christmas, so they were excited to see how much she has grown. Sadly, I didn't catch a picture of any of them holding Avery.

Avery was not feeling the best, but she was so happy to see her Grandma, Poppa, Uncle Mike, Uncle Ryan, Aunt Bre,and cousins Livia, Jade and Lexi.

Tired girl after a big weekend.

Thanks to Jadi and Michelle for the babysitting services Friday night and Saturday afternoon. I am sure that Avery loved it!


  1. Wish we would've known you were home...always nice to see you guys! :-)

  2. sorry! It was a quick and last minute decision. We get to see you in a few weeks though!!!!!