Monday, April 18, 2011

5 Months Old!

Avery turns 5 months old!
So we celebrated with lunch at Bandana's BBQ and running some errands for the house. {pictures of projects are forthcoming}

Saturday, while Tony was at the Barnstormer Game with his Dad and some friends, Avery and I hung out in the craft room {guest room at Casa Bower} organizing fabric, photo's and doing some general washing and prep for some sewing projects I have on the docket.

swinging her toy so fast, it's a blur
I told Avery this weekend that she makes me a happy mommy. I know I have said this before, but we just can't get over how happy she is, and how much of an "easy baby" she is. We went out to lunch, to the fabric store, and to Menards to get some stuff for the house and yard, and it was a breeze to have her along. I am probably jinxing myself just saying this, but who knows what kind of toddler she will be, or what our next baby will be like?

Don and Linda gave Avery this very cute little stuffed giraffe. It is soft, cuddly, and plays music. She loves it.

She really does, but she was mad in this photo because she was ready for a bottle/nap combo. I thought it was cute.

Yesterday also marked her 5 month birthday! {see her milestone page for the updated pic and progress shot}. Next month we have a professional photographer booked for some 6 month and family photos. I am very excited about this. The photographer is so great at capturing life moments, and we love candid family photos as opposed to formal posed settings. It is much more relaxed and real to us. We can play with Avery and get some great moments captured for us. I will also get to be in the photos since I am normally the one taking them.

I am gearing up to tackle the next few weeks. I/we are going to be busy! Check back for updates...

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