Monday, April 4, 2011

That's how we roll...

Avery got all fancied up this weekend. My mom was in town, and we decided to go check out a winery for a small tasting and buy a few bottles. We decided this outfit was appropriate. She was by far the fanciest baby there, and would have been the fanciest person there, had we not gotten there right as a wedding was getting over. SO the bride wins that one.

Jasper Winery Des Moines IA

Mom and I drank a glass and had a little snack while enjoying the beautiful day.

Tony walked around with Avery while we tasted wine.

Note: Avery stayed sober, as did Tony, so he could drive us around. That's how we roll.

Speaking of rolling, Avery did roll over, but still couldn't get her shoulder out from under her, but she was all the way over and facing out. She is getting pretty good at it.

Tony is in a food induced coma from Hu-Hot. {side note: my mom says it as if it were plural "Hu-Hots", and everytime it cracks me up}

On Sunday, we kept my mom hostage and negotiated her to be our landscape designer expert as we browsed Lowe's for plants and tree ideas. The woman is a wealth of information. {Thanks Mom!} Once the weather gets a little nicer and we are ready to do it, we are going to be adding some more plants and trees to our yard.

We did however buy some landscaping materials and got started on a project for the front side of the house.

This will be filled with more lava rock, and then we have some plants in mind for the area as well. Tony did all the manual labor as Avery and I supervised, designed, and managed the Pandora playlist {Foo Fighters station}

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