Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Photo editing fun

I took some super cute pictures of Avery petting Amigo last night with my phone. This is our only camera these days. I am saving my beans for a super sparkle camera like THIS. {I really, really want THIS, but I am not made of money, yo} So our picture quality is somewhat suspect. However it is easy to use and we can upload right to picasa, and I can always view our pictures whenever I want {see, positive thinking people!}

Anyhoo, most of the time there is "red-eye" on Avery, Tony, Amigo, et al. Except with Amigo it turns into "green-eye", which is weird, but funny in the same way. So I go ahead and upload to picasa and then edit in Picnik. The feature to fix the "red-eye" doesn't really work all that well. It does have the option of "human" or "furball" so I can choose to correct the red-eye on Avery or Amigo.

Exhibit A {for Amigo} BEFORE

Glowing Green Eyed dog

Exhibit B: AFTER
Alien Glowing Green eyed dog
Nice editing right? Yeah, it doesn't work so much. I thought it was Hilarious! Yes, capital H on that one. Other than this option, I am very happy with Picnik's editing software. It does a great job for what I need, and it improves the ghetto quality of my phonecamera. {all kidding aside, my phone does a pretty decent job, and I have captured quite a few special Avery moments on it}

Back to the subject at hand of our super cute kid petting the dog.

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  1. I laughed out loud at the first two pics. Demon dog!