Saturday, April 9, 2011

Rollin' with my homies

I had the day off on Friday, so Avery and I got some stuff done. Yay for productiveness. I started looking at the high chair we had in the garage still in the box. It said that it works from newborn up to age 3. So I thought why not put it together and see what we have?
And just when we thought Avery was getting so big, BAM, put her in the high chair and she looks so little again.
I love the sassy look on her face.

I had her in there for a few minutes while I cleaned up the kitchen, she was pretty happy playing with her toys.

We also got the house cleaned, some laundry done {but not put away, why oh why is that the hardest part?} some bird watching in. We saw this guy on the deck and in the yard.
So, yes Dad, I am really adept at spotting Robins. He informed me last week that he came across an old newspaper clipping from when we lived in Claremont. I had claimed the first Robin sighting of the spring. {probably 1985} I was famous! At it again, and this time with the help of Avery.

Fast forward to 6pm and Tony and I decide to grill onion burgers {OMG - so good. Add Lipton Onion Soup Mix to your ground beef and grill. You can thank me later. Or Grandma Melba, it is her recipe} Turns out the Robin was up to no good. We had just grilled potato's and brats last week, so this was a somewhat recent construction of a nest. Tony got it all cleaned up, and we commenced with dinner.

And now, on the the Main Event!

Naked Baby!
I had put Avery down {on her back} on her blanket in the living room while I went into the kitchen to start on dinner. Tony came around the corner and asked if I had put her down this way. I looked over and she was on her belly staring down her toy. I was so proud of her! We had been working on this for some time, and she has been so close. She just couldn't get the shoulder out of the way. We put her on her back again and went back to the kitchen. {if we were in there with her, she would have been in show-off mode, and would start to talk to us. It is really cute} Sure enough, she eyed her toy, rolled to her side, and then just popped over and pulled her arm out, as if she had been doing it for weeks. Tony played with her for a bit, then put her on her back again. This time she rolled over on her other side {Ambi-roller, already better than Zoolander}

Happy Weekend everyone!

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