Monday, May 9, 2011

10 points for Griffendorf

I will explain that post title a little later, but it is still making me giggle from this weekend.

She is not hitting me, but rather is excited. She liked my necklace.

Our first Mother's Day!
We had an action packed weekend, and I think I need a weekend from my weekend to recover. Saturday started out a little rough as Tony got a flat tire on the way to do highway cleanup downtown. So we ended up with 2 new tires, both cars in the shop {the truck needed an oil change}, and an impromptu breakfast at i-hop. It worked. At least all that happened in nice weather, close to home, and no one got hurt. Just a bit of a detour on how I thought our Saturday morning would go.

We headed north to Owatonna for our niece's birthday party. Complete with Bounce House!

Suffice it to say that the kids loved it! Breanna does a fantastic job of planning the parties, and this one was no different.

It was great to get together with family. Now here is where the post title comes in.

So as my brother, aunt Patty and I were talking about Friday Night Lights, my dad chimes in with "10 points for Griffendorf". We all just kind of stopped and looked at him.

Me: So, how far have you gotten on the last season of FNL?
Mike: The second episode, I am watching on NBC. I am going to miss this show.
Patty: Riggins is hot
Me: yes, yes I agree.
Mike: I like Coach and his wife. They are very real.
Patty: Riggins is hot.
Me: Coach and family were the best part of the show. I loved them.
Patty: Riggins is hot.

Dad: 10 points for Griffendorf

Me, Mike, Patty: {blank stare} uhhh what?

 He doesn't watch FNL, but is into the Harry Potter movies at the moment, so he felt he should just interject with that. Needless to say, everything was ranked on the Griffendorf scale for the rest of the weekend. A particulary dumb joke from me garnered a "2 points for Griffendorf". Avery rolled over and spit up all over mom and she got "10 points for Griffendorf"

We had fun with it.

On Sunday, we tried out a play exersaucer for Avery. We figured she would like it since she tries to stand at all times. We were right.

We also put her in a little red wagon. And I mean little....

How cute is this!?
 After some yard work and plant stealing from both my brother and parents yards, to transplant to ours, we headed home. We rushed to shower, change, and get back out the door to meet the Bower side for a Mother's Day dinner out.

Avery was the center of attention, and she loved it. We love taking her out because she is so even tempered, and does so well in restaurants, stores, etc. The waitress commented to me more than once what a good baby she is. I have to agree. She is just one happy baby, and you better believe we know how blessed we are.

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  1. I forgot about him saying that! It was hilarious and so "Steve" to say!