Saturday, May 14, 2011

Amazon Mom
How do I love thee? Let me count the ways....

  1. You have wishlists that I can add to from any website
  2. You carry most everything I need at a good price, with free shipping {and returns} on most items
  3. I can order diapers from you at 30% off retail. We like this.
  4. You offer real product reviews from customers on items. I learned the hard way about buying an expensive item {Avery's first baby monitor} without reading product reviews. I was a panicked first time mom.
  5. When I sign up for the subscribe and save program, you offer me Amazon Prime with free shipping, and then when I buy more, you extend the Prime and free shipping. You have me hooked!
  6. The Kindle. Need I say more? I like the selection of free books too.
  7. The "look inside" feature to sample a book.
  8. is great

I once told Tony that if it were legal for man and website to marry, he might be in trouble. I am on at least once a day. It is my first stop for online shopping for everything except clothes. And shoes, I need to try those on, then order online after I google around for a coupon code. No lie.

 Dammit Amazon, you are taking over the interwebs, and I love it!

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