Tuesday, May 31, 2011

From Applesauce to Apple Smiles

This is how Avery looks at us when we are trying to spoon feed her baby food. Still not so much a fan. It is getting better, and each time, she keeps more and more down. It is a process. The applesauce we tried this weekend went over pretty well.

Saturday was a fun day. Tony played golf with friends while Avery and I played and did some light housework. We may have also caught up on some Real Housewives. {Alexis Couture is fugly!}

We went out Saturday night for some friends birthdays {30!} and had a good time. Tony's sister, Michelle, got to spend some quality time with little miss Avery. We appreciated the help with babysitting so we could go out.

Sunday was a pretty lazy, and relaxing day. It was much needed. Having a long 3 day weekend without any travel {as fun as it can be sometimes!} was just what we needed. Life has been very busy for us lately with Avery, some business ventures, and our upcoming vacation, that we needed a breather.

Avery and I set up shop in the guest bedroom/sewing/craft room for a while on Sunday to make a table runner. It was just one of my many items to make from my "sewing to-do list" that I picked the easy one, just to get something done. I was feeling very domestic this weekend, so home-cooking, cleaning, and sewing happened. Also some napping:

How she can sleep like that is beyond me. Her little bottom up in the air for 2 hours. Tony said he did the same thing when he was a baby.

The fruits of our labor. It took far longer than it should have, but that is ok, if I get to spend the whole day with Tony and Avery, I will trade limited productivity.

After finishing the mowing and doing some things around the house on Monday, I made apple smiles to take over to my sister-in-laws for the pool party.

Carson and Arian both liked them, and they were pretty easy to make. Sliced apples, a little PB and mini marshmallows!

How cute is she in her little swim suit? Our friend Kelli found it for her. I had only seen 12 months or older {not that I did much searching, only what I saw at Target} So cute. The pool had just been opened, so it was a bit cold. I got in and Tony held her to see what she thought.

Verdict: she was not that big of a fan of water. Now, she loves her bath, and that is a nice warm, the pool water was not so much.

Someone she is a big fan of though:

and the feeling is mutual. Avery and her grandpa Don love each other. It warms my heart to see.
We had such a great weekend, almost like a mini-staycation. While I did miss hanging out with my family in Minnesota, since it sounds like they had a good time, I really enjoyed our time at home.

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