Monday, May 23, 2011

From the weekend

Saturday night we headed over to our neighbor's house to hang out. They were grilling and playing yard games with friends to celebrate {?} THE RAPTURE. Some of the women dressed up in fancy dress, since that is what they wanted to meet Jesus in. They are freakin' funny, and we had a good time. Lots of fun, lots of kids, and in the end, lots of rain. Tony and I took Avery home about 10-15 min. before the rain started , then had a cocktail or 2 on the front porch under a blanket and watched the rain and lightning.

Our thoughts and prayers out to those who did not fare so well with the storms this weekend. North Minneapolis and Joplin MO, took the brunt of it.

Onto something much  happier:
Avery is my sous chef, as she hangs out in the kitchen with me while I am cooking, or cleaning. We made Breakfast Burritos, and Chicken Pot Pie yesterday. She is either going to love or hate to cook, too early to tell.

We had family pictures yesterday since Avery is now 6 months old {!}. Our photographer, Nicole Thomas, was great to work with, and we are both very excited to see the pictures in a few weeks. We even took Amigo to get some pictures with him. As per usual, Avery did great. We had 4 outfit changes, took pictures inside and out, and got done in a little under 2 hours. We came home, had a bottle, and Avery and I snuggled up to take a little snooze.

This photo makes me think she looks like she is up to something, and got caught. She also started a new trick this weekend. Lots of babbling. A lot of "ba ba ba ba ba ba" loudly too. It makes us smile.

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