Monday, May 16, 2011


I went to Galena IL this past weekend for a little get-a-way with my mom, cousins, and Aunt. Mom has been looking forward to this weekend for close to a year. She had been there last year and has raved about it since. We had shopping and sight seeing on the docket, and we did well. The shops there are very fun, diverse, but expensive.

Patty & Hanna

Me & Mom

Me & Sami
We stayed at a Bed & Breakfast. This was a first for me. While I can see the appeal, I am not sure it is for me. I might need to try another one to finalize my opinion. Mom and Dad love them. Galena is full of them, and it seems that is the main method of lodging for the area. When in Rome....

Galena is a very old, very historic town. It was a strong political area back in the Civil War days, and proud of it. 9 Generals of the War of Northern Aggression {HA! that is what the South calls the Civil War} came from the area. The main street is filled with shops that we browsed through, with restaurants, wine shops, clothing, and novelty items. 

We stopped to rest and have a cocktail every so often, and we had a fabulous steak dinner that night.

More about the rest of our trip later this week, when I can get some pictures from Sami.

Sneak Peak: Neil Young cover band, a tambourine, and "OPA!"

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