Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thursday Favorite Things -- Mothers Day Edition

In honor of the upcoming Mother's Day {my first!} here are a few of my favorite "mom" things:

Avery, I love how you have started to hoard your toys. You gather them close to you and then chew. I think it is adorable, and one of my favorite things about you.

I am keeping it real. I had a kid 6 months ago, and it takes the body a while to get back to normal. I feel a bit more confident in my clothes when I rock these. {Don't judge me!}

I turn 30 {!} next month. Preventative measures my friends. Prevention is key. This fantastic eye cream also helps when Avery decided to get up 4-5 times a night for a while there.

For my adult "sophisticated" time. hhhhmmmm, wine. Every mom needs a supply of "winddowndon'tlookatyourmessyhouserelaxrelaxrelax" beverage. Mine is wine.

Coffee. Coffee. Coffee.

This wrap saved my life when I was on maternity leave. I was able to wrap Avery up with me and it allowed me to move around, gain feeling back in my arms, and for Avery not to scream. Life. Saver. She loved it because she was close to me, and she loved to be held when she was smaller. She has since gotten more independent and is ok to be on the floor playing for a while, but right away, this was a must.

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  1. Holy crap you're going to be 30! I can't wait until our birthday month!