Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thursday Favorite Things

This is going to be quick. We have been busy, enjoying life. Avery is getting better at holding her own bottle and sitting up on her own. Not all the way, but better. It will happen soon.

Otherwise lately, I have been loving a few things.

This vintage 1970's sewing machine is what I use. My mom got it for me for free so that I could get going on some projects and see if I would use it. I do. A lot. Eventually I will upgrade, but for now, it is working just fine, and I love it. {thanks mom!}

I love this line of cleaning products. I went on a cleaning spree recently, and I love how these clean, and that they are made with biodegradable ingredients.

FABRIC!  I love textiles, and am constantly adding sewing projects to my "to-do" list. I could spend lot$ of Dollar$ in Jo-Ann Fabrics and Hancock Fabrics. Easy.

I can get by with Adobe Photoshop. It has been a while, but I could do it. Illustrator and InDesign? Haven't a clue. I have been reading up on them and what they can do, and I want them. Bad. Maybe someday. I know that these are skills that will helpful both professionally {especially this, it will open a whole lot of doors} and personally. Maybe when we can get a new computer to handle this software, it is something to look into.

That is all I got for now. We are looking forward to the long weekend, we have plans that include landscaping, landscaping, golf, sewing, out with friends, and maybe some pool time {Jeanie, are you ready for us??} Avery has the cutest little swimsuit {thanks Kelli!}

isn't she cute?

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