Monday, May 2, 2011

Weekend Roundup

Hello Friends!
Does anyone read this? I still only have 5 followers and have not had a comment in ages. Is anyone out there? Heeellllooooo?

Friday kickstarted the weekend with my parents in town. Mom, Avery, my friend Kelli and I all watched the Royal Wedding. Complete with hats, cake and champagne.

We made our own hats and fascinators to view the wedding properly.

Avery hung out with us all day and tried to destroy mom's hat.

Then she was naughty and tried to drink mom's champagne

Not really, but she was a lot of fun, as usual!

Friday night, Tony started his softball season. Mom and Dad stayed back at our place to watch Avery, while Tony and I had a few adult beverages while he played softball. It was good to be back at the softball diamonds, and my parents got some quality time with Avery.

Saturday was very productive. Mom and Dad ended up going back to Minnesota while I was at work, but not before having some fun with their youngest granddaughter.

We also finished up the retaining wall that Tony was building and I mowed most of the yard. I owe some mowing time due to me being pregnant last summer, Tony did about 99% of the yard work.
Avery and I played on the blanket while Tony worked. We applauded his efforts and I looked at his butt! {what? if you know me at all, this is no surprise!}

After all that, we just relaxed on Sunday. We were out of gas. It felt nice. Avery and I tried to will the Twins to win, but no dice.

Tony does not approve of the shirt

How was everybody else's weekend? Finally some sunshine! April showers bring May flowers.


  1. I still read it! I check it about every day or every other day. I love being able to see the pictures. Doesn't blogspot have a way to track the number of site visits? I know Wordpress does. That way, even if you dont have a lot of followers or comments you can still tell when people visit and read your posts. Keep up the good work and see you this weekend!

  2. I read itDan! I think your blog is funny and don't know how to be a Bower follower. Is it like Twitter? Looks like Avery brought some luck to the Twins last night! Brooke