Saturday, June 25, 2011

I {heart} NY

Vacation Recap -- Part 1

New York New York.

Let me start by saying that Tony made this possible, and for that I am forever grateful. Back when we were just married and childless, I had told him in passing that if we still did not have a baby, or one on the way, I would like to go to NYC for my 30th birthday. Well, fast forward, and we have little girl Avery, and we still got to go to NYC for my 30th birthday. Good work husband. Good work.

So after a tearful goodbye to our sweet little girl, we were off to the airport. My mom and dad graciously offered {were told} to take care of Avery and Amigo while we were gone, so flying out of MSP made perfect sense, and saved us some cents {see what I did there? yeah}

We got to the airport just in time to see our flight had been delayed. No biggie, we were on vacation, so when we got there, we got there. After a while longer, the flight was delayed again. Ok, maybe time to hit the airport bar for some apps and a cocktail.

We finally were able to take off and we were on our way. I was SO excited! We landed at JFK, found our luggage and decided to take a cab into Manhattan rather than attempt to navigate the subway for the first time at 11 pm, with all of our luggage. Pretty sweet deal. Once we got to our hotel, and all checked in, we were pretty much cashed. However we were pretty jazzed to see this in our room:
yes, that is the bathtub accessible from both the bathroom and the bedroom part. Awe-to-the Some!

We had tentatively planned to start the day downtown, and check out the World Trade Center, Wall St. and the financial district, take the ferry to Staten Island so we could get a good view of the skyline, Brooklyn  Bridge, and the Statue of Liberty. After that we planned to wander around and make our way back to our hotel at some point.

The ferry to Staten Island was a popular choice. It might be because it was free. Everyone got the same information we did that you hop on, see the sights, and when it docks, hop onto the ferry going back to Manhattan. Pretty slick though.

We got some nice views of the Statue of Liberty as well.

Then we started to wander. The ferry took about 90 min for the time to wait to board, and go to Staten Island and back. We were ready to find somewhere to rest a bit, and have a drink. After wandering the streets back north, we found an awesome authentic Irish bar. The bartender was even from Ireland. For reals. We also found Chinatown and Little Italy. Very authentic and fun little neighborhoods. On the way from the Irish bar to Chinatown, we walked by the Brooklyn Bridge.

I was too chicken to try dinner in Chinatown. I like my Chinese very Americanized, or that is what I told myself. Maybe next time? We did make another pitstop in Little Italy at a bar on Mulberry. It was pretty fun, and they had a lot of Soprano's memorabilia on the walls, along with photos of celebrities that had stopped by. I am not sure if it was used in the filming of the Soprano's but we might find out this summer. {Tony and I are just getting into it. Last summer was West Wing}. EDIT: It was the Mulberry Street Bar, and has been used for filming many movies and TV shows, including The Soprano's. FUN!

photo stolen from the Internet of Mulberry Street Bar

We also wound through SoHo, Tribeca, and into Greenwich Village. We found a fun little tiki bar that had Miller Lite specials, so we bellied up to the bar for a while. It was on Bleeker, and neither one of us could figure out why it sounded so familiar. Upon getting back and seeing a few episodes of Sex and the City, it was mentioned a few times. Not sure why it was familiar to Tony. You know he doesn't watch SATC with me.

After walking past a store in the Village that is called The Little Lebowski, which features all things Big Lebowski, we found our way to Washington Sq. Park. It was packed. There were people in the fountain. On a Monday night. At 9pm.

Next we were on 5th Ave, walking north, with a beautiful view of the Empire State Building in front of us.

And that is when it happened.

The Big Trip.

I was too busy looking up to realize that there was a curb I should step over. I tripped. Big Time. I felt like it was in Slow Motion.

{looking up at beautiful skyline, Empire State Building}
{oh! Ouch! faaaaalllllliiiiinnnnng!}
{landing on my knees, hands}

And then it hits me. IN THE CHIN. I smacked my chin on the sidewalk.

On 5th Ave.

In front of a crowd of businessmen in suits just leaving dinner.


Only me. Only me.

It's not a vacation until someone falls in front of a crowd, and skins their knees. Same thing happened on our honeymoon. No Lie.

I was SUPER embarrassed. Tony tried to save me, but I am too clumsy. I was fine, just embarrassed. The businessmen were very nice, and made sure I was ok.

After that we called it a night. We hoofed it the rest of the way back to the hotel. Found some food {not good} and that was that. We were exhausted. We had seen a lot that day, and there was plenty more to see and do the next day. I knew going into it that there was no way to see all that I wanted to on this trip.  I made a point to enjoy what we could, and not turn into a raving lunatic tourist that was so busy sightseeing, I didn't really see anything, or enjoy it. While it turned into a long day, it was super fun, even if I fell in front of a crowd and skinned my knees. again.

More to come on the rest of NYC, our trip through Connecticut, Boston, Fenway, Bruins Parade, and the Freedom Trail.

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