Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Maybe Crawling?

Miss Avery is starting to think about crawling. It is fun to watch her learn new things each and every day. She gets more and more dynamic as well. She is a joy to everyone around her. We are so blessed.

Now, if she would just learn to eat off a spoon. We are still struggling with it. All in good time I suppose.

Avery spent the day on Sunday with Tony's parents. They had so much fun, and Avery was all smiles when they dropped her off. They took her to Applebees' and Target. She was an angel, or at least that is what they told us. We got a few pictures sent to us over the course of the day to show what they were up to. Don even changed a diaper, and we have photographic proof! {just not for here}

We had a great day yesterday. I recently switched to Monday's off at work {I work Saturdays}, so it really feels like I get a weekend. We played, she took a nap, met Tony for lunch, did a Target run for supplies, napped again, and then some more play time.

It was a great day. Hot, but we worked with it. In fact, the neighbor kids were over to play fetch with Amigo, and he quit twice before they did. They could throw the ball for him all night, and he would fetch it. We got him some water every few minutes, then got the hose out to cool him down. Then the little girl next door helped me water some of our plants. She is a little character, and we love living next to them. They feel comfortable coming over to see Avery, and to play with the dog.

Tony and I got out the firepit last night as well. It was great to have it out and sit and relax. I could watch a fire all night. We have just a little city firepit, not a huge fire ring like at my parents place, but it gets us our fix. We can bring the monitor out with us and it works really well. I see us doing this a lot this summer.

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