Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thursday Favorite Things

SUSHI! The spicy tuna roll to be exact. My friend Kelli brought some over last night, and we shared a bottle of wine, and had some good conversation on our front porch enjoying the weather. She has gotten me to try a few other kinds, especially one called the "captain crunch roll". It was interesting. I think I introduced her to sushi, and now she is showing me all the different kinds to try.
Hands down, my favorite wine. Several years ago, I was out to dinner with Tony (back when he was the boyfriend) and my family. I was looking over the wine list, and Mike, my brother, wanted to pick out the wine for me based on name. He thought it was funny to have a wine named Margherita. I ordered it, loved it, and now I buy it, but for special occasions. It is a bit too expensive for me to have as an everyday wine. {Please don't take that as I drink every day, I do not}

That is all I got...not feeling too inspirational today.

I'll turn it out to you, what are some of your favorite things? leave a note in the comments.

NOTE: bonus points for commenters from Britain. My post of the Royal Wedding has spurred some web traffic.

Any Brits out there?


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