Thursday, July 28, 2011


Last weekend, Don and Linda graciously invited us to Adventureland for a family outing sponsored by Don's office. It is an annual event that is usually held the 4th weekend in July. The same weekend as Survival Days, and why we have not been able to attend, until this year.

I had to work {boo}, but Tony took Avery over for the lunch portion for a while. He brought her home for a nap, and to wait for me to go back over {thankfully, a short drive} again in the late afternoon.

This was my first time there, even though we lived a stone's throw away for 5 years. Yes, we lived so close, you could hear the kids screaming on the roller coasters, but I had never been. Let me tell ya, I had fun! So did Avery and Tony, and the rest of the kids. We went on rides, we got some snacks, Don got the kids little stuffed animals {Avery still won't put her duck down, she loves it!}, and we had a blast! I didn't get too many pictures, because we were too busy having fun, but I will try to get copies from Linda {please!} to post on here as well.

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