Tuesday, July 12, 2011


You are getting so big. You are absolutely infatuated with puppy. You look for him when he is not around, and keep your eyes on him when he is. You reach out to pet him, and you let him lick you in the face.

You came to work with mommy when your daycare was closed. You were a perfect angel, and had everyone in love with you. I think I may have sold some jobs strictly because you helped. The customers loved it when you waved at them, and you made me have the best day at work ever.

You make me laugh with your funny faces and sounds. You are now obsessed with the remote controls.

You are getting so big, you are pulling your self up. It's true, I caught you. So now we lowered the bed on the pack and play so you don't hurt yourself with the fun stuff on the bookshelves.

You are also outgrowing some of your 6-9 month clothing. I can't even think about this. When you were born, I would look at the 9 month clothing, and it was huge! Now you are outgrowing it. You are getting so big, and we love it, and how fun you are, and getting more fun everyday!

We love you!

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