Saturday, July 16, 2011


Last night we took Avery to her first baseball game. We braved the sweltering heat, found a good spot in the bleachers, and had a ball. As per usual, Avery did great. There were tons of people at the game, so she had plenty to look at.

There were some very kind people behind us that had some grandkids Avery's age. They were playing with her and she was kind of showing off for them too.

We stayed for about half the game. Several people from Tony's office were also there, so we stopped by to say hello for a few minutes before heading out. It ended up being a pretty nice night, and we had a good breeze where we were sitting.

As you can see, we put Avery's I-Cubs hat on her. Her aunt Lori gave it to her, since she works for the I-Cubs. She had fun playing with it. If Tony or I wear a hat, she is mesmerized, and must play with it. We don't say no, as Avery runs the crew, and can get pretty gangsta if necessary.

She also wears some pretty bad-ass hair pins.

Once she starts crawling, which we expect to be any minute now as close as she is, watch out.

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