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Vacation Recap -- Part 3

Boston MA

View from our hotel room. The old City Hall

Boston. I love it there. After staying a night in Connecticut at Foxwoods Casino, where we browsed, gambled, had dinner, and saw JAMES WOODS playing poker, we took the train into Beantown. We arrived into the South Station, and took the subway to the closest station to our hotel. We were staying at the The OMNI PARKER HOUSE, which was a real treat. We got a great deal through Expedia for our stay, and it was a pretty posh place to stay.

Back to our arrival, we exited the the subway station into the OLD STATE HOUSE. The subway runs under it, and the station is in the buildings basement. This continued to fascinate me the whole trip. You just come out of the subway into an extremely historic building. Queen Elizabeth II even spoke here on a visit in 1976. It is just fascinating. I do wonder how many people just take this for granted. Even at the end of our 4 days, Tony asked what else I wanted to see. At this point, I don't know if I could have handled another historic building, it was just too much in such a small amount of time. I guess if you lived there all your life, you wouldn't really think twice about the amount of national history amongst modern buildings.
We were in town to see a few games at Fenway. The Brewers were playing and we had never been to Fenway. Our friends Jim {his dad is from Boston, and is a Red Sox fan} and Rob {went to school in Boston, at Boston University} also joined us for this leg of the trip. Yep, it was me and 3 dudes.

On Thursday night, before Jim got into town, we caught an Improv show that was hilarious. Rob had taken Tony and some friends back when he was in school and they had come out to visit. Tony remembered it fondly and wanted to go again. I had never seen improv before, but was very impressed. It was a riot and something we don't get to do often. IMPROV ASYLUM. It was a good way to set the tone of the weekend.

Now on to some baseball stuff.....

We went to the games on Friday and Saturday nights. Saturday's game was originally set for the afternoon, but was bumped back to accommodate the Boston Bruins parade to celebrate winning the Stanley Cup. We also met up with Tony's cousin and girlfriend who live in Boston, so that was a nice bonus to our trip.

Tony, Me {Danielle}, Deb, Dustin
 Saturday morning we woke up to the hum of crowd noise. I knew that the Bruins Parade would be near the hotel, but I didn't realize that it was going to go directly in front of our hotel, and that it was going to be such a huge deal. Hockey in New England, specifically Boston, is a Big Deal. I looked out our hotel window to see the crowd gathering, and turned on the local news for coverage of when it was starting.

Then I opened the window. That woke Tony up, it was such a roar. He started watching the coverage on TV, and I told him that I could see the purple Duck Boat from the window. He said that the purple one was on TV and that it had the Stanley Cup on it, so I got the camera ready.

We had the window open, we were getting black and yellow confetti drifting to our room, it was fun. We could hear the music, the crowd, and some of what the players/VIP people were saying. They stopped just down the street from our room, and we got some video {on my phone} of them partying, and then if you look closely, you can see some security taking the Stanley Cup from one Duck Boat to another.

We figured that this point, with over a million people along the parade route {according to the news} that we might want to high tail it somewhere to beat the crowd for lunch. We went down the lounge in the hotel. When we got there, we were the 3rd table to sit down. Not even 10 min. later, it was packed and there was a wait. I finally got to have my lobster roll. I had been wanting to try it, and thought that there was no better place than Boston to try one. It was delish! {sadly, I didn't take a picture of it, but it looked as good as it tasted}

We took the subway back to Fenway, and it was packed. There was still some residual crowding from the influx of people for the parade, and we got up close and personal with several Bostonians. Saturday night's game was better in that the Brewers won, but we had some seats with a slightly obstructed view.

I don't like 2nd base anyways.
We entered the stadium from Yawkey Way and got a different perspective than the previous night.
We also got there in time to catch some batting practice.

Hey! It's Prince Fielder

The whole time we were in Boston with Jim and Rob, the part in The Hangover where Alan sings "Cuz we're the 3 best friends that anyone could have", kept coming to mind.

No? Maybe it was just me then.

Sunday was our last full day in Boston. We were flying out very early on Monday morning, so we wanted to relax, see a few things, and get packed up so we were ready to go at 4:30 AM on Monday. We went to the North End to get some lunch. There is a big Italian population and Tony wanted to have some good authentic Italian food. Jim joined us before his flight. The food did not disappoint. I had risotto for the first time, and I want it again.
Like now, I am kind a hungry......{hhhmmm, risotto....} Sorry, I am back!

We ate on Hanover Street, which happened to have the Freedom Trail on it, and it was close to other sites I wanted to see before we left Boston. Jim got a cab to the airport, and Tony and I started walking.

The Freedom Trail.

Statue of Paul Revere

Outside the old North Church. 1 if by land, 2 if by sea.

Inside the Old North Church. The pews were like cubicles.
 It was a beautiful day to walk around Boston. We strolled around the North End, and followed the Freedom Trail for a bit to Paul Revere's house. We saw a really old street on the way. It might be original to Boston.

At this point, we were getting pretty tired. The traveling, walking, general business of our vacation was catching up with us. We went back to the hotel to nap. Looking back, I should have gone shopping or something while I was there, because who knows when we will be back, but I was just too tired. We rested for a bit and then went to have some dinner, again in the hotel lounge. We went there again, because the food was good, and the service was outstanding, but mainly because we were lazy. It was a lot easier to do that, than find something good close to the hotel, of which I am sure there were many options, but again, we were lazy. After that, we took one last walk around the Boston Common, and the Public Garden.

That pretty much wraps up the last leg of our vacation. We had a blast, while it was not a relaxing vacation, it was a fun one! I can't help it, but I am already thinking of our next one, and what I would do the next time I am in NYC or Boston. There is always something, right?

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