Thursday, August 18, 2011

9 months

I have a hard time thinking that Avery is 9 months old already. It has gone by so fast, and I know that everyone will tell new parents that time flies.  However, when it is 3 AM and your baby is screaming and won't go to sleep, you are stumbling around looking for the pacifier that she threw out of the crib, and you are on your hands and knees looking for it {this really happened} you can have a hard time believing that.

But it's true, time flies.
She was around 3 weeks old here, and my first week home alone with her. Talk about an adjustment. And adjust we did.

Now, when I was home for an afternoon with a cold, and she was at daycare, the house felt empty. When she is playing with grandma and papa in Minnesota, we are lost, not quite sure what to do. The house quickly filled with her gear, pack and play, high chair, toys, bottles. When we moved her swing that she no longer uses out of the living room, it felt a little empty.

 It is amazing how someone so little can fill your heart so full. How she can make you laugh.

When she looks at you and smiles, and comes crawling your way to see you can make you feel so big.

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