Monday, August 8, 2011

Avery & Friends

Avery got to spend some girl time with her little friends on Saturday afternoon. We were in Altoona in our old 'hood, and stopped in to see some friends. Avery spent some time with her Aunt Lori {who spoiled her!} while Tony was able to go out golfing with the boys.

Here she is with Kaitlyn, who is just 3 weeks younger than she is.

The girls kept taking toys from each other, but had a good time interacting.

Next, we stopped over to to Troy and Kim's to see them. Claire is just 3 days younger than Avery. We were actually just down the hall from them in the maternity ward!

How cute is this?! They played very well together and had a ball. Avery even leaned in to give her little friend a kiss.

{excuse the blurry photos, and red eye, these were taken with my camera phone, as that was all I had on me}

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