Monday, August 1, 2011

Des Moines Home Show

One of my favorite things to do in the summer, is go to the Des Moines Home Show. We love to look at the fun designs, the features that we didn't think of, or can't afford, and the different floor plans, and decor.

I took some pictures of some of the things I liked. Some of the designs that worked, and things I thought would come in handy at work.

This was my favorite kitchen. It was a good size, had an island, and a peninsula with a raised top to sit at. It also had a decorative sideboard with glass front cabinets. It was large, but not too large. Tony and I both loved it.

This covered deck was a great outdoor living space.

Quite the bunkbed set up for a little girls room. Something to keep in mind should Avery have a little sister at some point.

This was by far the coolest and most innovative feature we saw. In this pantry was a valet door that connects to your garage. Talk about making it easy to unload groceries. Direct from your car {where the door was about waist height} to the pantry. This was genius.

This was a nice feature located throughout the home. We do this for work as well, and I thought it would be nice to show more pictures to clients of what is trending right now, and different looks for them to imagine in their own space.

This was very familiar. I did something almost exactly like this earlier this summer for the Parade of Homes in Ames. See THIS POST for the pictures on what I am talking about.

Also: can you play where's Steve in the picture above. My dad's head is floating around there somewhere!

There were 10 homes this year, which was a bit much. In our opinion there were 2 that should not have been featured, and they didn't have that "show quality" and were dated as far as finish selections and design trends. I won't name the builders because I am nice, but overall, it was a great thing to go to, and we love to do it each year.

We got there about as early as you could since we knew it was going to be hot, and it was going to get crowded. We ran into some friends that Tony plays softball with that were there with their little girl too, so that was fun. Avery did great, and I think she was in the best mood out of all of us, and she behaved wonderfully for going in and out of 10 houses and dealing with the heat and the crowds. She did fall fast asleep as soon as we were done though.

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