Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Iowa State Fair

We took Avery to her first Iowa State Fair last night. My in-law's joined us as well. It was a great night to go, and it was warm, but not hot, like so many years past. I love fairs. I come by it honestly,  my parents love them, they were at the fair last night too, but in Minnesota.

Tony and his parents got their grinders, and I got my corndog. It was a successful trip.

We stopped by the petting zoo.

Avery liked to watch the blow up man. Tony and I kept thinking about Always Sunny when Dee is inspired to dance like the blow up man.

Aw, the fair...

Grand Concourse

Looking at some fish

and ducks {notice Linda across the pond taking our picture}

We were interested in the food...

and Avery was wondering who was going to share their food.

Grandpa did...

We saw some horses

and visited the cattle barn

and made our way over to the Varied Industries Building to get a poster and some ISU gear.

Avery rocks her sequin headband pretty great!

Notice the stuffed Cy? Yeah, Grandpa couldn't resist a treat for his youngest granddaughter. Grandma got her one too, so she double fisted them all the way to the car.

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