Thursday, October 20, 2011


This post is brought to you by PINTEREST, where I find all my funnies. {funny's : funny-ness?, not sure on  the correct usage here} It best explains my absence on the blog.

We have been busy at Casa Bower.

Tony and I have been working more hours. Tony especially.

We have been getting ready for Avery's upcoming trip to MN to see her Grandma, Papa, and cousins. By ready, I mean that I have a mental list of stuff to pack for her.

Installing a new car seat for our little girl who is no longer a baby, so she needs a bigger car seat {sniffle}. PSA: Target is having a baby sale right now, we got this seat on majah sale. If you have a baby, or are going to have a baby, go check it out. 

Moving on: We had to go to Plan B for her little Halloween costume. She didn't fit into Plan A. Her costume now includes a Booty Bag. Yes, I just typed that.

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