Wednesday, November 9, 2011

TP, Boots, and a Party

Avery wanted to help write this post. 

Avery is getting big, and she is such a good little eater. She was a fan of that goulash that I made around Halloween. 

Finger licken' good!

She also got some new boots, she is pretty fond of them. They make her look like such a little girl. I am still not ready for it. She is so stinkin' fun though. She just plays, and plays. 

I was off work last Friday and was trying to catch up on some housework. Avery wanted to help. She found a loose roll of TP as I was doing laundry. I turned around and she had made quite the party with it. I did what any good parent would...and I ran to grab the camera. 

She looks tired here. It was right before nap time. 

Avery and I also went to Minnesota last weekend to see the family. It was GG's {my grandma, Avery's Great Grandma, we have the babies call her GG or GGma} birthday. 

Here is Chris, AJ, their little guy Reeve, and my cousin Sami holding Avery. 

My grandma and grandpa. 

Tony was stuck at the house working all weekend. He finally got all his deadlines met, and can be back to a normal work schedule. It was nice to see he was home when we got in tonight. 

Avery discovered that she can pull out all the tupperware and get into the cabinet. I didn't get the pictures, but Tony did on his phone. I will have to transfer them and post. Too cute. 

Coming Attractions at Casa Bower: Avery turns 1!

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