Thursday, November 10, 2011


This is Avery's favorite new phrase. She says it if she drops something, or when we are playing. She says it when I am changing her diaper, which cracks me up.

She has also taken to pointing at things. She is thisclose to asking "what's that?"

She has her own little language that Tony and I are starting to become fluent it. We both work on saying a word in context, like saying "UP" when she is wanting to be picked up. Or when she points at something, we say what it is a few times.

We also play "SO BIG". We ask her "How big is Avery?", and she throws her little arms up as far as she can reach, with a big toothy grin. Melt your heart.

Something else that also melts my heart is when she plays with her dolls. She holds them up, looks at them, says something in Averyspeak, and then kisses them. Her version of a kiss is coming at you with an open mouth. She then hugs her dolls tight. Melt. Your. Heart.

It's little things like this that make me think of my own mom. She has often said, "just you wait" and now I know what she meant. We have the best relationship, and I so hope that one day Avery and I will be as close.


Here are more pictures from our weekend in MN. While mom and I browsed shoes at the Naturalizer outlet, Avery wanted to crawl under the racks.

This makes me laugh

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