Wednesday, December 7, 2011

When it rains, it pours...

It doesn't look like it in these pictures, but they are post flood in the kitchen and dining room. 

As we were getting ready to leave the house on Sunday for family pictures and some errands, we heard a noise. I was upstairs getting Avery dressed and thought Tony was shredding some papers. Tony was downstairs and thought I started the washing machine upstairs. As I came down the stairs to tell him that I didn't start a washer, we went into the kitchen to find water GUSHING out from under the sink. When I say gushing, I mean it was flooding. There was water all over. Into the mudroom, all over the kitchen and dining room. Around the hall into the bathroom. Down the heat vents. 

It. was. a. mess. 

Tony ran to the basement to turn the water off. I put Avery safe in her crib and rounded up every towel we had in the house. We found this in the basement. 

This is how much water went through the wood, subfloor, cabinets, and down the heat vents. UGH. 

Suffice it to say that we quickly abandoned our plans for the afternoon. We got it cleaned up as best we could and as Avery went down for her nap, we got the water out of the basement and started to work on fixing the pipe that inexplicably came undone under the sink. 

By Sunday night the wood floor was starting to cup and buckle. I knew this would happen from that much water on it and no fans to dry it out {we didn't have any}. Monday morning, it was much, much worse. 

I called into insurance and into work to have people come out to look at the damage and make a claim. The installers from the store told me right away that the wood would have to come up to dry out the subfloor and  that it was done for. So we started tearing up the floor. 

Our beautiful solid oak hardwood floors that were only 2 years old. Insurance agreed with the installers and are going to figure our claim for the entire wood flooring in our home since trying to feather in the new install would most likely lead to problems. 

So now instead of decorating for Christmas, I had to barricade the living room from the dining room so a certain 1 year old doesn't get any splinters. 

By this point, I had a few melt-downs worrying about insurance and the stress of having our house torn apart    {AGAIN}, worrying about Avery trying to crawl on the busted up floor, and the general sucki-ness of it all. 

Oh and did I mention that we also had a power outage that night?

So we lit some candles, started the fireplace {it is gas} and had a little picnic on the floor with Avery. It didn't really phase her, she handled it great. The power was off and on for about 3 hours. Much longer and we would have seriously considered going to Tony's parents for the night. Thankfully we got power back on and were able to stay home. 

As of now, we are living with the kitchen looking like this:

and looking at new wood samples to have installed {hopefully soon}. Our builder also sent out a plumber to replace the faucet and check all the pipes and plumbing under the sink. They have no idea why it happened either, and hopefully it won't happen again. 

Anybody have an opinion on which we should choose? We really like our current hardwood, especially when it is not flooded! We can put that same down or change it up, so we want to look at all our options, even new options that have come out since we selected when we built 2 years ago. 

It took awhile, but I am now feeling grateful that we were home when it happened, that we can afford homeowners insurance, that nothing in the basement was totally ruined, and that it wasn't worse. 

Can you imagine if this would have happened after we left the house for the afternoon? We would have come home to find Amigo swimming in the living room, and much more would have been damaged. For that we are very grateful. 

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  1. Oh no!!!! Hang in there. I like both samples. Do a house tour so I can see the rest of the place!