Monday, January 16, 2012

We took to the sled.

There was juuuust enough snow on the ground Saturday to break out the snowsuit and sled for a little fun. 

Avery quickly got the hang of it, and LOVED it. She was all smiles and scooting back and forth to let us know she wanted to go, and she wanted to go faster!

Of course the 50 degree temp on Sunday took care of that snow right quick. Alas, there is no more to be found, and we are looking at another warm weekend in the forecast...not that I am complaining. 

We got back inside just in time to watch the Iowa State basketball game. 

We did lots more this weekend, I just didn't get photos of it. Sometimes I feel weird rambling on about our life and what we did, if I can't use photos to accompany the story or to help tell the story. 

In other, more exciting news, Avery is starting to walk! She is a little stinker who prefers to speed crawl. She is getting more and more steady on her feet and will walk a good 5-10 feet between items. We have been pleasantly surprised the last few days on her progress and it is sporadic at best to when it happens, hence, no photographic proof. Maybe next weekend....

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