Friday, February 24, 2012

Margaritas! Fajitas! and FUN!

If you happened to be at Jordan Creek Mall in West Des Moines on Saturday, chances are you saw this group of women chanting about "Margarita's; Fajita's; and Fun", clapping, and giggling. 

We held our annual  PEEK-A-BOO  weekend recently and I hosted at our house. 

We spent the weekend giggling, sipping cocktails, stimulating the economy, and calling each other fuddruckers {you had to be there}.

We convinced the wait staff at our favorite little Mexican place that it was Sami's birthday. She got to wear the sombrero, and we got to eat the fried ice cream. Avery even joined in on the fun.

We only had one little mishap. Nothing a little liquid nails and some finish nails won't fix! 

This may or may not have contributed...

There was more, so much more. Unless you find driving around with the side door open on the minivan, stalking people as they walked to their car in the mall parking lot funny, like we did, might not get us. 

This is all I am willing to share, but trust me when I say that we had a fuddrucking fabulous time this weekend!

*Margarita's; Fajitas; and FUN!*

Edit: Avery was not present during the drinking or the escapades on top of our closet. Just thought I would clarify. I am a responsible parent. 

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