Thursday, March 29, 2012

I won, I won, I won!

I won a contest giveaway! I am so very excited about this too.

Angie over at The Kids are Alright hosted a giveaway on her blog for a bag organizer.

I entered to win, as I sometimes do on the blogs I read. Until today, I had never won.

Now, Angie is family {mom's cousin's wife}, but I am pretty sure I won fair and square, because Angie is cool like that. No funny business up in here. Not Up in Here!

This will come in pretty handy with organizing the bags I carry with diapers, pacifiers, wipes, wallet, cell get the idea, especially if you are a mom.

Go visit Angie's blog, she is a super stylish working mama who gets to travel to fun exotic places, like NYC and Phoenix, and she used to live in NYC when she was an intern for David Letterman and the Jerry Springer Show. She is fun people.

Thanks Angie!


  1. Sweet! I never enter giveaways. I should cuz people give away some seriously awesome shiz. Congrats!!!