Friday, April 6, 2012

Blog Break

I am here.... Just busy, tired, and taking a slight blog breather.

Avery helps me with dinner these days. 

Avery has been spending time in MN with my family. Our daycare mom is on maternity leave for a few weeks, and we are all out of sorts with Avery's schedule. 

Reeve {my cousin AJ's son}, Jade and Lexi {our neices} and Avery.

My mom dug this picture out of me when I was Avery's age. We could be twins at this point. 

I fell a bit behind schedule on my $100 Home project for March: The master bath. 

I have most of it done, just need to hang the roman shade. 

If I feel like it, I will make a post about the whole process with before and afters tonight. These are some progress shots from the last few weeks. I hung those babies myself, and am darn proud of it!

Ta-ta for now...

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