Thursday, April 26, 2012

Secondary Dream Job

I am lucky. I count my lucky stars everyday for my life.

Great husband.

Great munchkin

Great family and friends

and a dream job. I love what I do everyday.

Not everyone is as lucky.

Tony asked me recently, if I couldn't do what I do now, what alternate career would I choose. I had to really stop and think about it. Stay at home mom wasn't really an I came up with Travel Agent.

See, me and Trip Advisor are BFF. Sometimes I just get on there, and look up random places, hotels, things to do.

I still look up reviews of the resort we stayed at on our honeymoon in Cabo, or that trip we took to California when we got engaged, the hotel we stayed at in Tucson when we attended a friend's wedding, and resorts that are on our "I want to go to there" list. {Liz Lemon 30 Rock fans?}

I love doing the research, I love making a travel file for when we travel, I just love it all.

So, do tell. What would your secondary dream job be?

1 comment:

  1. Yes, you are very, very blessed, Danielle!

    I'd be a writer. Or start my own business doing something I haven't quite thought up yet.