Sunday, April 22, 2012

Weekend in Pictures

Avery and Tony stopped by office on Friday afternoon right before quitting time. Avery wanted to work, and went right for the computer, keyboard, and mouse. It is fascinating how she picks up so much of what we do. 

Tony started his softball league on Friday nights. Avery and I went for a little bit to watch her daddy play. 

We were also dog sitting for Tony's parents this weekend while they were out of town. Poor Snoopy was scared of Avery and hit under this table for most of the time when Avery was awake. 

Avery found her though. 

She also was looking for the puppy in the mudroom. 

She also helped me clean the house, and I can't quite remember cleaning being so fun. 

We also managed to sneak out of the house and see some friends in from Minneapolis and Chicago. If I can get copies of some of those photos, I will post them here {Sarah, send me copies please!}

How was everyone's weekend?

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  1. Hee hee, I will send them to you soon, haven't had a chance to transfer them to the computer yet. Was great seeing you and Avery this weekend! So glad you could meet back up with us at Tonic too--fun reminiscing! :) Come up to visit us anytime! Maybe we could do the zoo or a ball game sometime?