Monday, May 21, 2012

I'm Behind

Forgive me, but these photo's are over a week old. I am just now catching up. 

We went to MN over Mother's Day weekend to see family, celebrate our niece's birthdays, have Tony attend a bachelor party, and so I could see my momma on Mother's Day. 

Avery and Grandma Carrie

The birthday party was a Princess Ball. Avery is in her ballgown. 

Avery and Uncle Mike!
The Birthday Princess'! {Lexi :: 3 and Jade :: 4}

Avery really enjoyed being around the other kids, and playing the games. 

This is Avery and her PaPa. She says "PaPa!" about 874 times a day. She runs to the computer each day so that they can Skype. She doesn't quite understand that he is not always on the other end waiting for her call. They adore each other. She leans into the monitor to give him kisses, and then puts her feet up so he can smell her "tinky" * feet!

{* Stinky...for those of you who don't speak Avery}

On Sunday morning, Avery got to ride with her cousin Livia to check out Grandma and Papa's trees. There are some bird houses that Livia wanted to check on. 

Avery loved it! She could have rode around all day long. 

Livia did great with Avery too. She drove cautiously, and made sure Avery kept her little seat belt on. 

So that was a little bit of what we did that weekend. 

I also got to enjoy some Ginny's! The local drive in that hits the spot every time I visit in the summer. I used to order that at least 3x a week when I would work at the pool and had an hour to kill in between open swim, swimming lessons, and my other job. Ah, Ginny's, greasy burgers at their best. 

So what else did everyone do for Mother's Day weekend?

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  1. Awww, I bet Avery makes your dad feel so special!