Monday, June 18, 2012

Saturday in the Park

Last weekend we hosted some friends from college for a night. Chad and Sarah have a little man, Caleb, who is around 9 months older than Avery, and they got along great. 

They rolled into town around noon, and Sarah and I headed off to a baby shower for our friend Beth {pics later}, and the kids went down for a nap. 

3 hours later we come back, and the kids are still down for a nap...they both had great naps, so we headed off to the park behind our house. 

Then the parents had some fun too. 

then add kids...

We headed back to the house soon after this to figure out dinner. We introduced the Bartlett's to the wonder of TASTY TACOS, and we threw in some Casey's pizza for good measure.

{after I get some pictures from Sarah, I can post about the rest of our evening that included the firepit and heated discussions about iphones...}

The next morning, I enlisted the kids to help clean up the house...

They did a great job, and Caleb is a perfect pal for Avery. We enjoyed the weekend so much. 

Bartlett's: You are welcome anytime! 

{Sarah, send me pics please :)}

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