Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The time I won free concert tickets

Yep, I won FREE concert tickets last week.

To DAUGHTRY. I wouldn't say they are my favorite band...but I don't hate them either.

On Thursday last week, while at lunch, I was playing on my phone and browsing Twitter. The Des Moines Register had posted a contest giveaway for free tickets to Friday's Daughtry concert if you retweeted the tweet {follow all that twitter talk?} I thought, "hey, why not?" and re-tweeted......low and behold, I won!

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Tony was otherwise occupied with his softball league, and not all that excited about Daughtry. I called my friend Kim, and she was happy to be my guest. 

We had a blast! We went downtown for a cocktail and a mocktail, and then hiked it a few blocks to Wells Fargo Arena for the concert. Turns out our seats were 5th row center. Not too shabby.

The opening acts were a bit diverse. The first guy seemed like he should be singing cover songs at a bar on a Friday night, but he was good. 

He was fun, and threw his hat into the crowd after his set. Kim caught it. 

The second opening act was not my scene. They seemed to be a mix of Muse and Red Hot Chili Peppers, both of which I like, just not together. 

I knew a lot of Daughtry's songs after hearing them so much on the radio...and yes they do all sound the same. I still had fun. 

Also included in my free tickets was a VIP experience before the concert. I was able to attend the sound check, listen to a few songs, and then get my picture taken with the band. 

Not too bad for re-tweeting over my lunch hour! 

Thanks Kim for coming with me, we always have such a great time hanging out.

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