Tuesday, July 24, 2012

$100 Home Project :: Master Bath Reveal

Remember this?!

 Yeah....I have been slacking.
 I blame pregnancy, but let's be honest, I was slacking before we got knocked up. 

Well, at any rate, I did finally finish my first $100 home project, the Master Bath. If you remember this is what it looked like before. Nice, but not really inspired. I hadn't done much after we moved in.

After giving myself a $100 budget, I went to work. I added some shelving, a roman shade, a magazine rack, and more organized storage around the bubble tub.

I am pretty happy how it turned out. 

I got this beautiful piece of art at a little restaurant in my hometown. We went to brunch with my parents at Omar's Cafe, and while the food was delicious, the artwork on the walls that was for sale, was outstanding. I saw this picture and knew that I had to have it for my bathroom makeover and the colors were perfect. It fit perfectly in my budget...$15. I know!

Truth be told, this room has been done awhile, except for the roman shade. That also has been made and sitting on the edge of the tub for quite some time. I lacked the motivation to actually hang the shade. Tony was in a productive, tool-using, kind of mood, and hung it for me this weekend. 

I stuck pretty close to budget. The shelves I got for free, so that helped a lot. It pays to be nice to the trim carpenters on your job sites ;)

I bought the fabric for the roman shade, new baskets for the tub/toiletry storage, a new towel ring next to the shelves, and the magazine rack. I used items I already had to style the space. 

While I am done for now, I would eventually like to figure out what I want to do with this wall

I have an idea, but will wait a while to make sure I am sure. Know what I mean? 

So that is that. I also did some work to the mudroom, and like the truly organized person I am, didn't take any before pictures. I will see what I can round up and get a post together. 

So what do you think?

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