Monday, August 20, 2012

The Iowa State Fair

Last Wednesday, our daycare was closed. We decided to make that "Fair Day", and we picked up Tony from work after Avery had her nap. 

We took Avery through the Little Hand's Farm, where she did little farming activities.

This kid activity had different stations that showed kids how to feed animals, plant veggies, milk cows, pick eggs, and fuel up the tractor. 

At the end of the trail, you "sell" your goods back to the market and you get money. Each kid gets a dollar to spend on 1 item in the general store. There were items like ice cream, milk, muffins, chips, and small toys. We got Avery her mini muffins she likes, and she gobbled them right up. 

I think Avery's favorite part was looking at the horses. She loved them. She was a big fan of all the animals, especially the big ones. 

We took a break after the livestock barns to try the Iowa Craft Beer tent. Tony got to try some samplers of local breweries, while Avery and I split a root beer. She quickly found the bags game and worked on her technique. 

We made our way to the petting zoo before heading home. Avery got quite the kick out of feeding the animals. The animals on the other hand, have been fed all day, and were not all that interested. 

...except for this guy. We think he could taste the cheese curds on Tony's hand that we had just eaten.

And with that...we had another successful trip to the Iowa State Fair! 

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