Monday, August 13, 2012

Weekend In Pictures

Avery and Tony stopped by the office Friday afternoon before his softball game. I had a few things to wrap up before I could head out for the weekend, so Avery "helped"

Avery and Daddy at his softball games

She was having a ball playing with the other "softball kids"

Saturday morning, after our walk, we got out some watercolors, and started our masterpiece. 

We also kept an eye on the construction next door. 

After having lunch, and an afternoon visit with our friends Brent and Amber, we got together with Troy and Kim to go to the park and grill out. 

Sunday being a rainy day was the perfect excuse to have a lazy day. 

We did venture out in the afternoon for a walk. We hit up the elementary school playground on our way home, and Avery went down the big slides. I was more nervous than she was! 

 She handled it like a champ though. No fear. 

How was your weekend?

UPDATE: Here is a cute photo we got of Avery and Stone, Amber and Brent's little guy at our lunch with them:


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