Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Day in the Life of Casa Bower

A blog I read, Where we can live like Jack and Sallyis doing a feature with other bloggers to recap a day in their life. I thought it sounded interesting enough that I wanted to join in. 

Below is a recap of Friday 9/7/12.

Here is what a day in the life of Casa Bower looks like:
6:00 Alarm goes off, and I hit snooze several times. I finally make it to the shower around 6:30.

Avery wakes up around 6:50 and wants books.
This kid loves books, and she would be in heaven if we read to her all day long. She is truly my daughter. 

We dress in ISU gear for the day in prep for tomorrows big game

This is my business casual, Cyclone appropriate, semi maternity wear. I worked with what I had. 

We watch the news in the morning, and I catch up on Obama's speech from the DNC the night before...

We are now running behind schedule, and make a promise to leave the house earlier next week. It is past 7:30 at this point. I drop Avery off at her daycare where all the kids are in their Cyclone or Hawkeye gear.

and I rock out on the way to work...

At work now and it is catching up on emails, and going over the list of houses I currently am coordinating. More emails and for trim ideas on a new house that is under construction.

I start to work on stair spindle designs for the same house. It is a "T" stair case with open railing and 2 sets of steps from the main floor to the upstairs, and I need to work out the pattern to make sure it flows.

Around noon, I grab lunch to eat at my desk in hopes of leaving early for our block party at home. I was lazy and grabbed what was closest to my office. 

At 1:30 I go out to our housing development to visit with trim carpenters on the house they are currently trimming out to go over the stair spindle layout, trim ideas for the mantle head above the front door, and other details I am in charge of.

I also stop in and check on one of the model homes in case it shows this weekend to make sure it looks kept up. Sometimes other Realtors show it and things get tweaked and can look funny. You would be amazed at what we find in some of the model homes after showings. 

Back at the office it is more paperwork and emails.

I get an email that I have been tagged in photos from Avery's daycare on Facebook, so I check in and see all the fun that she has been having. I copy a few and pass them on to Tony since he doesn't do Facebook.

At this point it is not looking like I will get to leave early as I wait to hear back from a vendor about an appointment with a new homeowner for Monday morning. I was hoping to have it confirmed by 4 so I could leave, but no dice. 

Around 4:55 I leave the office to pick up Avery and get home for our block party. 

We get home around 5:35 and get our food and gear ready for the party. 

I add the peppers to my pasta salad that I was too tired to do the night before at 10:30 pm.

Avery has a snack while I get our stuff ready. She sits on my N/A beer. 

Classy momma right here, I am nothing if not classy.

Around 6, Tony gets home and we head over across the street to join the party. 

This is the first one that we have had in the {almost} 3 years we have lived here. We made it a pre-tailgate party in honor of the big in-state rivalry game that weekend.

We put Avery down around 8, and brought the monitor back out with us. We stayed until around 9, and then we called it a night. 

So that is a somewhat typical day in the life. Rushing to get out the door both at home and work. 

The Cyclones won on Saturday by the way! Whoo-Hoo! 



  1. Looks like you have a day much like mine. Up early, work and then spending time with your family in the evening! Your car radio looks a lot like mine. I drive a Chevy Equinox. :-) Avery is adorable!

    1. I do have the Chevy Equinox...we just upgraded for more room with the baby coming. Thanks for the kind words!

  2. Your neighborhood looks like so much fun... and what a cool job you have! How did you like Obama's speech? I was a big fan of the whole DNC. :)

    1. Thank you! I did like his speech, it was no Bill Clinton, but nobody really is ;)

  3. Um... I think we are destined to be bff's. LOL... 1st off Pearl Jam ROCKS, Wendy's Frosty and Fries are an all time fave, Busch is the shiz, and pretty much I think your family is adorable. Loved reading this:)

    1. Thank you! You are so sweet, stick around for a while :)