Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Entering the 3rd Trimester

Pregnancy this time around is different. Not only am I older {slightly}, but I am chasing a toddler. I am more sore, and uncomfortable already at 26 weeks. We have now entered the third trimester, it's getting real. Really real. 

Hormones are a b*tch. I am up, down, and all around. Poor Tony...sometimes I get mad at him, and he has no idea. I start to cry for no reason. I get over it, and he still has no idea. I am moody. It is better now, but I was emotional.


My sweet tooth is Out. Of. Control. I already inherited my dad's sweet tooth, the man eats candy like he is 12, and I can't get enough. Mike and Ikes, and Hot Tamales are my drug of choice. Oh, and Breyer's Reese chocolate peanut butter ice cream....and cookies. That's it though...I swear.

The waddle has started...and it is ugly. U. G. L. Y. you ain't got no alibi, you UGLY

 My hair is better this time around however. When I was pregnant with Avery, my naturally curly hair went frizzy, straight, and just gross. With this pregnancy, it is still curly, probably curlier, and is looking and behaving quite nice. I will take it! 

We started work on the nursery this weekend. I cleared out some of my sewing/wrapping/craft/art supplies to the basement, where I am creating a nook. My mom and I bought fabric to make drapes for the room, and I have more of a plan. Pictures soon, promise. 

{not gonna lie, it is weird for me to post without pictures. This pregnant, hormonal, waddler does not care though. Sorry!}

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  1. Awwww I remember, it is hard. Here is to nice hair and some good ole Mike & Ike's.