Friday, September 14, 2012

Playdates and Playhouses

Avery told me the other day that her baby wanted pasta for dinner. Funny since that is Avery's favorite meal. 

I told her to go ahead and put her baby in the booster seat and we would cook her pasta. 

Once I told her that, she decided that baby wanted to help her cook too. 

So we got out the cheese. Doesn't every meal use cheese as it's main ingredient? Avery's does ;)

Somehow after this, Avery lost interest in cooking, and what Baby wanted to eat. Imagine that. 

A while ago, our friends were in a bind and needed us to watch their little girl Claire for a few hours on a Thursday night. We were happy to help, and thought Avery would love to have playmate over for a few hours. 

The girls having some dinner. 

A few days later Claire was over again. This time was an all day playdate with Avery, while we went to the Iowa State football game. 

First we had a little project to do though. 

Our very fun and generous neighbors gave us this playhouse for Avery. Their girls don't use it anymore, and they were upgrading to a larger play set for their backyard. 

We bribed our friends with breakfast to help us before we left to go to the football game and tailgate. It was some heavy lifting, but they had it up and back together in record time. Having our neighbors dad, who built it, help also greatly increased productivity! 

It is a very welcome addition to our backyard. 

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  1. The doll house is magnificient. My kids would adore that. So cool. Also would doesn't use cheese as their main ingredients - Best.stuff.ever. Have a good weekend.