Friday, September 21, 2012

Politics Schmolitics

I have tried to stay away from this topic. It can get heated, cause anger, and generally get messy. I didn't want to mar this site with something so divisive. Avery is really cute, and politics are anything but.

However, I simply cannot stay silent any longer. If you don't like what I have to say, you are welcome to leave. No one is making you read this, or be my friend.

We live in Iowa, and it is currently a swing state. We are seeing more negative ads, candidate appearances, and fundraising events than other areas. As per usual, I am ready for the debates, and election day. However, the ads, the mis-information each candidate slings at each other, and the posts on Facebook, Twitter, and the Internet in general can go away now.

I am a registered Democrat, but don't always vote with the ticket. In fact I voted for Governor Branstad (R) during the last election, as I truly felt he would do more good for our state than the incumbent Democratic Governor Culver.

I agree with many issues on both sides. What I cannot stand is the party platform that each candidate must abide by to get funding, court voters, and have the backing of the "party". Mitt Romney used to be a Massachusetts Moderate, and this campaign has changed that. Obama is Obama. What {or who} is a socially liberal, fiscally conservative, woman supposed to vote for?

I believe that welfare is broken, and being taken advantage of by many of the people it is intended to help. I really feel that the true victims are the children of said individuals, who have no choice in the matter. That whole argument that "I have to take a urine test to have a job and contribute to your welfare, so you should take a urine test to get it"? Yeah, that makes sense, and I agree with it... until a kid is denied food and shelter because the parent is on drugs, or refuses to work. Then it gets messy for me. I still don't know where exactly I stand, but it is a discussion worth having.

I believe in Gay Marriage. Love is love. Gay people are entitled to the same civil liberties I am. Marry who you want. Save the argument: I said "who" not "what". No one should be able to marry a toaster.

I believe that the government needs to be smaller, cut spending, and reduce the national debt. In my estimation, neither side has a perfect fix for this mess.

I believe in a woman's right to choose. And when did the word "choice" become synonymous with "pro"? I choose that I don't want an abortion for me. Granted, I have never been in a situation of an unwanted pregnancy or rape, where I needed to make the choice. I hope my daughter is never in that situation either. A woman should be in charge of her own body, not the government. Avery should be able to make her own choices Seeing this below really burns my ass.

I have seen it on my commute a few times. Again, "CHOICE" does not automatically = abortion. 

As with most people, I am forced to choose which cause is the most important to me and vote with that. Not one candidate hits all of my beliefs, and I don't know that I will see one in my lifetime. What really bugs me, is that I don't think I am alone. I cannot be the only 30 something woman who is fiscally conservative, and socially liberal. Where are these candidates? They don't follow the party platform, so they don't get backing, funding, or media coverage. They are average Joe's and Jane's, and they probably govern locally and on a small scale. They get elected because of their common sense, but rarely ever rise to higher profile politics. 

Don't even get me started on Congress. When did it become a bad thing to compromise and work together? Are none of our Representatives and Senators married? Married couples compromise and work together everyday, because they love each other. I am not asking each member of Congress to love each other, but come on, love AMERICA. 

Ok, I think my rant is over, and I am sure you can tell which way I am going to vote. That is ok with me, I usually don't keep it too close to my vest. Unless I am at work. Work is not the place to discuss politics...or religion.

Note: These opinions are all mine. Tony and I don't always agree on politics, and we have some excellent discussions on issues. We agree more than we disagree, but everything stated here is my own. 

Also: I love that I am married to a free-thinking, incredibly smart, liberally conservative man. He is also very attractive!


  1. This was a very well written post. I am pretty sure we were cut from the same mold...well we grew up in the same hood so who knows, maybe we are related somehow. ;) And I never responded to your comment (I pretty much suck at that) but thank you for your sweet comment on my blog post a few weeks ago. It's nice to hear about other women who have been in our situation, and it ending in a positive way. That's what we're hoping too!!

    1. Thank you! Politics can get me really fired up, and I was unsure if I should even post this...I almost deleted it at 5 am today, but kept it up.

  2. Danielle you rock. I know I have a Saved Draft Political post just sitting there waiting to hit "Publish" but yet I won't. I am proud of you for putting this out there. We all have different beliefs and guess what that is OKAY - that is why we are here in the U.S.of A. I appreciate your post and your beliefs:)

    1. Thank you! I am still nervous I put this out there, but that is how I am. Some of my favorite conversations are with people who have different beliefs than I do. I can really appreciate someone who will listen to the other side of the argument, however I have no time for people who talk at me and will not rationally listen to any other point of view.