Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Henry Doorly Zoo - Omaha

A few weeks ago, we went to Omaha for the weekend and visited Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo. Avery loves animals, and Tony's parents invited us for a weekend away. It was a great time. 

We had adjoining hotel rooms, so Avery just ran back and forth and loved it.

The zoo was quite large, and with a toddler, we decided to do it in 2 sessions. Before and after nap. 

Zoo Map

The exhibits were incredible, and Avery could identify so many of the animals. We had so much fun!

I think we all enjoyed the orangutan exhibit the best.

There was a small petting zoo that we walked around a bit in. Avery wanted me to sit on this statue outside of it. Tony went to take our picture, and we got photo-bombed. 

Before we wrapped up the morning session, we took Avery on the Carousel. She was all about it, and even wanted her Grandma to ride with her. 

We went back to the hotel to take a break, give Avery and her Grandpa a nap, and to recharge the batteries.

Tony's dad called us when they woke up from their nap, since Tony and I had gone to get some lunch. We walked back toward the room, and we came across this scene. 

Avery and her "Epa" {Grandpa} were sharing some ice cream. It was such a sweet moment, and Avery was so proud to be eating some ice cream like a big girl. 

We headed back to the zoo to see more animals. We had decided over lunch to do the train at the zoo to maximize viewing the rest of the zoo. It was going to be too big for us to see otherwise. 

We also went to the aquarium before we left for the day. 

It was a really nice exhibit, and there was a lot of fish to look at. 

We wrapped up our visit after this. It had been a long day, and we were ready for some food. Since we were in Omaha, we headed down to the Old Market area, and found Spaghetti Works for some pasta. 

The area is really beautiful with the old buildings and culture. 

That's about it. Have any of you been to the Omaha Zoo? We actually ran into a little boy that goes to Avery's daycare and his parents, which was completely random. We both came from Ankeny on the same weekend, and then saw each other at the huge zoo. Random.


  1. That is my favorite zoo ever! I love Omaha and love you guys also got to go to the old market. Glad you had fun!