Friday, October 19, 2012

photo dump

I have been slacking in the blogging department lately. Work has been busy, life has been busy. We have an active toddler, a baby on the way, and Cyclone Football to watch. Priorities people!

Here are some pictures from my phone over the last few weeks. 

We went up to spend a few days with my family in Minnesota in early October. 

I talked my mom into an Ikea trip, since it had been ages since I was last there, and I wanted to get some things for the nursery, and Avery's big girl room. Avery found what she wanted too.

I loved this shelf unit. I would put 2 in our master on either side of the desk that holds the TV.  But alas, there was neither room in my budget, or in the car, to bring them home with me. They were really reasonably priced too. {sigh...maybe next time/trip}

I got the art I ordered for the little man's room in the mail. I also got them framed. I am very excited to start work on the nursery nothing like leaving it until 9 weeks before our scheduled c-section... Mom is coming down this weekend to help with window treatments and other sewing projects for Avery's big girl room.

As I mentioned, work has been busy. We condensed 4 model homes into 2, and what was in there needed to go. Most of it was dated, and faded. I have been slowly upgrading and updating the furniture, and accessories in each home. We needed to sell/donate the remainder of what we were not using, so we had a yard sale. It was a lot of work. I told Tony at one point to remind me of this feeling if I ever want to have a garage sale at home. Not gonna happen. 

We did really well. We started the sale open to employee's only, at a discount, and then to the general public. You would not believe how pushy some people were about buying items. Some stopped before we had finished setting up and berated us for not selling furniture to them. After the employees came through, and bought what they wanted, we really started to move items. 

The art was not a good seller. Some of the smaller pieces sold, but we still had a lot of the larger items. 

All of that work, and moving and shifting furniture required this at the end of the day.... and a heating pad on my back. Yes, I took it easy, being pregnant and all, but I still moved what I could and arranged tables, smaller items, and pictures. Being pregnant is hard y'all.

We watched the ISU football game with friends last weekend. Our friends that moved back to their hometown of Sioux Falls were back in the DSM for the weekend, and we were able to get all the kids together...and yes I mean all of these kids below...

Train tables: not just for little boys. I think Tony and Brent spent a good 2 hours building quite the track. 

I still love me some Gilmore Girls re-runs on SOAPNET. I record them to my DVR and watch them before bed. 

Our poor pup Amigo had a mass on his stomach removed. The vet wasn't sure if it was a fatty deposit, or a tumor, so they recommended that we have it removed, and checked out. We also needed to get him up to date on shots, tests, etc. 

The vet said to put a t-shirt on him so that he wouldn't mess with his wound. After I let him out to relive himself and he peed on his shirt, I had to put another one on him. I found this one from Tony's old 'Bret Michaels' Rock of Love Halloween costume... Now he looks badass...

Thankfully it was just a fatty deposit, and nothing to worry about. He is as healthy as can be. 

I will hopefully be back with updates on the little man's room after the weekend. 

Cheers to the freakin' weekend!


  1. BAH.. This is hilarious. I am so glad your doggie is okay:) And I just had a garage sale and understand your pain... ugh.. Happy Weekend.