Wednesday, November 21, 2012

10 years and 35 weeks

Those don't go together, but they kind of do. 

You see, Tony and I have been "TB and DL" for 10 years now. Let that sink in...10 years. That is 1/3 of our  life, as Tony put it this morning. 

I am also now 35 weeks preggo with our 2nd bambino.

I look tired...goes with the territory I guess. We also got a surprise ultrasound yesterday after our appointment. I measured in at 38 weeks, and the doctor wanted to make sure I wasn't carrying a 12lb baby. I have been a little concerned about my size for a while now, compounded with the fact that Tony was a 10.5 lb baby. 

Turns out I have an average sized baby, and a higher amount of amniotic fluid. No need for concern, and everything looks good. Our little man is confirmed as a little man, and he has some hair!

35 weeks:
State of the Pregnancy:

Heart rate at last appointment: 131

Measuring ahead 3 weeks

Weight gained: 25 lbs.

Still no stretch marks {please cross your fingers for me that they stay away!}

Sleep: yeah, right. That is funny. It ain't happening.

Braxton Hicks contractions almost everyday for the last week. These are not so fun.

Still not decided on a name, but we do have a short list and middle name decided on.

Nursery is started, but not nearly done {same as before}

Little man moves all. the. time.

The ultrasound showed he is in position, and his head is down.

Less heartburn than with Avery

More back pain than with Avery

Cravings: Buffalo Wings, Pizza,  Breyers Chocolate Reeses Peanut Butter Ice Cream

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  1. You are so adorable - not much longer girl. I swear you are the cutest preggo EVER.